We hope all Jessie May Mum’s, and Mum’s far and wide, have had a very Happy Mother’s Day!

We’re always feeling the love for all things Mum here on the Jessie May blog, so we thought we’d take one last opportunity to hear from a final Jessie May Mum.

Another of our Jessie May Nurses, Mary, from our Swindon Team shares her experience of being a Mum whose job it is to support other Mums:

My role at Jessie may often gives me time to reflect on the chaos of everyday life as a mum, every child on our caseload has an amazing Mum. When I think of all the challenges that being a Mum brings to us all I often think “if I find it an overwhelming struggle at times, then how do our families adapt to this with all the additional challenges they face?!”.  The truth is as a mum you find a way! 

My favourite visits are when I am able to become a part of the chaos of everyday family life, and if I can make that chaos a little more organised even for a few moments then I can feel proud that I have made a difference.  Sometimes it’s the small things that make a difference and often a bit of reassurance that every home – even mine – is a little bit of madness. Sometimes that is all that’s needed to step back and take pleasure in what we as Mums achieve! 

This was bought to my attention recently when my own daughter was asked to write a piece for school on an inspirational person – she chose me! I was so honoured and it made me remember why the service we provide is so important.  I couldn’t be more proud of the work I do at Jessie May, and at home!”

Mary Hunt, Jessie May Nurse, Swindon Team

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