Global online gambling company, Betway, once again pledged to support Jessie May with £10,000 at the Betway UK Championship in York this year.

The wager – players had to make a ‘century of centuries’ over the two weeks. That’s no mean feat, as players would have to bring their a-game to pot at least 25 consecutive balls in one frame to score 100 points or more.

On Day One they logged 16 centuries, 1/6th of our overall target with 10 days of snooker still to play.

Then, on Wednesday 28th November, “The Hawk” hit his target. Barry Hawkins found the sweet spot and triggered an automatic payout with a 147 break and Betway announced that with that we had secured the £10,000!

Barry himself was delighted when he found out that his result meant that the money was ours;

“I was thrilled to make a 147 at such a big tournament, and delighted when I found out this would mean a fantastic donation to our charity Jessie May.

“I’m sure this money will make a huge difference to the fantastic staff at Jessie May and the children they look after. Thanks to Betway for their generosity.”

But it gets better. With still plenty of snooker to play Betway agreed to honour the century bet, by pledging a further £5,000 on top if players secured the century of centuries.

Cue bated breath. When would that 100th century pot go in?

Turns out we didn’t have to wait too long, when Marc Fu hit the 100th on Monday 2nd December!

Head of Corporate Communications & PR from Betway, Alan Alger had high praise for all the players at this years UK Championship;

“At Betway we are very proud to make an annual donation to Jessie May through our sponsorship with World Snooker. It’s fantastic that the players were on such incredible form that we saw a 147 and a century of centuries. It’s only right that we upped our donation for such a performance. Jessie May do such a fantastic job and it’s our pleasure to be able to help in this way.”

Ivan Hirschowitz, Press Officer at World Snooker also had this to say;

“The standard of play at the Betway UK Championship this year has been better than ever. With several days to go we already have nearly 120 centuries so we are well on the way to smashing the record of 137 set last year. We have also had the magic moment of a 147 from Barry Hawkins. Congratulations to the players for helping trigger this fantastic donation to Jessie May, and thank you once again to Betway for their amazing generosity.”

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in making this happen; the players, everyone at World Snooker and the incredible generosity from the team at Betway.

A Jessie May Nurse costs £30,000 a year, so the extra £15,000 donation from Betway will help to pay for half a year during which they can support our children, and their families across the South West.