We’re hoping by now you will have seen our story this Christmas about best friends Ariana and Noah, and their Mums Hayley and Beccy, if not you can find it here: www.jessiemay.org.uk/christmas.  

Since writing, we’ve had a sit down with the siblings of the two to ask them some questions about what it’s like having a sister/brother who needs the support of Jessie May and what they’re looking forward to this Christmas.  

Jack (8) and Cam (11), Ariana’s big brothers, and Lorelei (9) and Coel (11), Noah’s half-sister and half-brother, had this to say:  

Tell us a little bit about Ariana/Noah as a sister/brother – what’s she/he like? 
  • Lorelei: Noah is sooo cute! He says really cute stuff and makes us laugh all the time!  
  • Cam: Ariana is cute but wrecks my stuff, she is a handful at times. But she’s also quiet when she is having a poorly day. Which then takes up a lot of Mums’ time.  
  • Jack: Ariana is sassy, cute, lovely and funny. And can be loud in the morning when she wakes me up to play.
What’s your favourite thing about/to do with Ariana/Noah?
  • Lorelei: I love seeing how happy Noah is at the zoo, he loves animals so much!
  • Coel: I like playing on the PlayStation with Noah the best because I can teach him how to play the games and he really likes it.
  • Cam: My favourite thing about Ariana is when she hugs me and is in a lovely mood.
  • Jack: When Ariana plays nice with me cause she’s funny.
What’s it like for you when a Jessie May nurse visits?
  • Lorelei: It’s really nice because we get to do the things with Daddy and Beccy that we can’t do with Noah, like go swimming or to soft play. Noah can’t go there because of his line* and in case he gets sick. 
  • Cam: I find it exciting when they come but most of the time, I’m at school.  
  • Jack: It means time with Mum, and we can go to the skatepark. 
What does it mean to you that Ariana/Noah has a Jessie May nurse? 
  • Lorelei: Noah likes it because he gets to play for ages with Lois (his Jessie May nurse), and Daddy and Beccy get a break from doing medicines and stuff. It’s nice for him and he always gets really excited when we say Jessie May are coming. 
  • Cam: It means a lot to both of us because Ariana loves her nurses. She says they do messy things to play with. 
What are you most looking forward to about Christmas this year and what’s your favourite thing about Christmas?  
  • Coel: Santa!!!!! We like playing together with all our new toys and putting out the magic food for the reindeer. We hope Noah won’t have to go to hospital. 
  • Cam: I’m looking forward to Christmas because I’ve asked for a gaming pc.  
  • Both: But also, we just hope Ariana’s well because that’s been hard in the past, when Ariana has been in hospital.  
  • Jack: I love the presents and the dinner. 
Do you think Ariana/Noah’s on the naughty or nice list? 
  • Lorelei: The nice list definitely! Look at him, he’s so cute! 
  • Coel: Probably the nice list, because he’s so brave but he can be really cheeky sometimes, but yeah probably the nice list! 
  • Cam: Naughty list because she has been naughty lately, but it could change.  
  • Jack: Nice list because she’s good for me. 

We hope that Jack, Cam, Lorelai and Cole’s answers raised a smile with you, like they did us. 

Being the brother or sister of a child with a life-limiting condition can be hard.  

Time with Mum and Dad can often be compromised and there are lots of fun child activities that often aren’t possible. Particularly if the child is in and out of hospital a lot, like Ariana and Noah are. 

But the love and unique bond that they share is incomparable. 

Jessie May nurses don’t just provide specialist medical care for children like Ariana and Noah, they are there for full support (emotionally and mentally) for the whole family, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!  

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas this year, from Hayley and Beccy’s family, and from all of us here at Jessie May. 

*Noah has a central line into his bloodstream which is how he has his dialysis. It’s very sensitive and sits under a dressing, if it got wet or infected it would be extremely dangerous.