‘Safeguarding Children is everyone’s responsibility’ 


At Jessie May we believe that all children and young people, wherever they are, whoever they are with, whatever they are doing, have the right to protection from neglect, physical, emotional and sexual abuse. 


We also believe that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. All members of the public, as well as professionals, have a responsibility for the protection of children and young people and reporting concerns about a child’s welfare or safety. 


At Jessie May we ensure that statutory requirements concerning Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks are met. We have safer recruitment systems in place, and we maintain up to date safeguarding policies and procedures and provide safeguarding training to all staff, volunteers and trustees. 


In addition, our skilled Jessie May nurses, employed by United Hospitals Bristol & Weston NHS Foundation Trust (UHBW), follow current UHBW policies and procedures and access additional training to meet up-to-date palliative care nursing standardsAll nurses have clinical supervision, to ensure that their practice is current, safe, and effective. 


Safeguarding children and young people is the action we take to promote their welfare and protect them from harm and informs how we work at Jessie May. Child protection is part of the safeguarding continuum. It focuses on the activity that is undertaken to protect individual children identified as suffering or likely to suffer significant harm. 


Jessie May has named Designated Safeguarding Officers to overview and ensure Safeguarding processes and procedures are reflective of CQC requirements as a registered trust.  


All Jessie May staff and volunteers who come into contact with the children, young people and their families will: 


  • Be able to identify potential indicators of abuse or neglect 

  • Have read the Safeguarding Policy 

  • Know their role and responsibilities within their team 

  • Know how to communicate and record concerns 

  • Know to act upon concerns in line with the principles and procedures for local child protection management and Working Together to Safeguard Children. 


Therefore, all children and young people in contact with Jessie May will: 


  • Be treated with respect and afforded full civil and legal rights 

  • Be listened to and taken seriously, whatever their level of development or communication 

  • Be given time to do things for themselves, to understand and be understood 

  • Be involved in decisions that affect them 

  • Have their privacy respected at all times and in all places
    Have a right to confidentiality – all information about them will be treated carefully, be kept safe and only shared with those people who need to know.

Our Nurses will: 

  • Ensure professional practice reflects the values and policies of Jessie May and UHBW to ensure safeguarding is a paramount consideration in all circumstances 

  • Maintain confidentiality at all times, unless there is a concern of risk to the welfare of a child or adult 

  • Contribute as per statutory responsibility to child protection as part of the safeguarding continuum. It focuses on the activity that is undertaken to protect individual children identified as suffering or likely to suffer risk of significant harm 

  • Access Level 3 Safeguarding training and above according to role and responsibility and ensure compliance with UHBW and statutory training levels 

Safeguarding is Everyone’s Business.