Jessie May is delighted to announce support from the online platform ‘Wishy’. 

Wishy is an online service that allows people to support charities of their choice with ease and simplicity. It allows smaller charities to be noticed and given more of a voice. The donator can choose how their money is used by the charity. The contributor may wish to give £65 for a specialist nurse to provide an hour of clinical support, or perhaps £25 for a memory box after a child had passed away. 

Liam Summers, Founder of Wishy, was keen to help Jessie May by providing an alternative stream of vital income. 

When Wishy was set up, we hoped that we would be able to work with charities like Jessie May. Having them on the platform and helping them to grant wishes on a daily basis is not only an honour, but a fantastic opportunity for us to help them provide opportunities they might not have been able to elsewhere. They are an amazing charity, and we are so humbled by the work they do daily. An impressive team, and we are proud to be a supporter. It’s a difficult time for everyone, and hopefully we can help a little to make things better for the people they support.

Lindsey Horton, Corporate Partnerships Officer at Jessie May, spoke highly about this new way of giving, 

“Who doesn’t want to believe in the power of a wish?  We all do, and at Jessie May, we are always looking for new ways to raise vital funds. We were delighted to be approached by Wishy to be part of their platform, as we believe it will become a popular way to donate to charities.  You no longer have to wish up on a star, you have Wishy instead and your support will help a local family when they need it the most. Thank you so much, it means the world to us”. 

Wishy logo