In our exclusive interview with world snooker champion Kyren Wilson, Kyren reflects on what it means to be an ambassador for Jessie May, especially as a parent. He acknowledges the challenges Jessie May families face, emphasising the importance of contributing, in whatever way you can manage, to the lives of those going through much tougher times.

In our conversation, the champion also opens up about the immense joy of winning the 2024 World snooker championship with his family there to witness his victory. He describes the unwavering support of his wife and the bond he shares with his children, who have grown up to appreciate his dedication to his sport. Balancing professional demands with family life remains a challenge, yet he strives to be the best snooker player he can be for his family’s future. In conversation, Kyren shares how important family is to him, and shines a light on why the work of Jessie May has such resonance with him.

Watch the interview here.