At Jessie May, we believe in creating extraordinary experiences for the children and families we supporrt. Recently, we had the privilege of organising a delightful day out for our families at Noah’s Ark Farm Zoo in Bristol, and it was a real success with many of our families being there and bright sunshine 🌞  

The Noah’s Ark team deserves a special mention for their kindness and generosity. They opened their doors early just for us, making this day even more special. 😍

For the children and their families, this day was a breath of fresh air – quite literally! It provided a rare opportunity to break free from the routine and enjoy a proper day out. What’s more, it was a chance for them to connect with other families facing similar challenges and share unique experiences. 🐴🦙🐐

Under the warm sunshine, the children had the chance to see and interact with animals, a delightful change from their usual surroundings. It’s these precious moments that remind us of the importance of such outings. 🌞