In the realm of compassion, here is a story about nurses Mel and Tracie and their bond with Hope, nurtured through bi-weekly visits. This reflects the genuine difference nurses can make in the lives they touch. 


The nurses have forged a special relationship with Hope and her family, having been supporting them for many years. With each visit, Hope’s face lights up, mirroring the connection that goes beyond words. 


Every two weeks, they spend three cherished hours with Hope. Reading and listening to songs is what Hope loves the most, particularly being read stories. Throughout this particular visit, there were many stories read, as well as songs played on the way to the park, where she went on the roundabout and was read even more stories.  


Hope’s medical needs are also met, but it’s the emotional support that Mel and Tracie provide that truly enriches her life. Beyond the medical routines, Hope’s love for stories, and her favorite activities like exploring “The Gruffalo” are embraced. 

Their care isn’t confined to Hope alone. Their presence offers Hope’s mum a rare opportunity for a short break, allowing her to embrace her passion for running, taking the dog out and more. These hours offer serenity amidst challenges, highlighting the impact of care that we offer to families.  


Mel and Tracie’s dedication is invaluable. As Tracie says, “In these 3 hours, mum can go for a run which means a lot. Although 3 hours doesn’t seem long enough, at least it is 3 hours where she can have ‘me time.” These hours allow Hope’s mother to rediscover herself, recharge, and prepare for her own challenges. 


Futhermore, the longing to provide more support is palpable. Mel admits, “If possible, we’d like to see our children and families more.” Their desire to do more stems from the heart, fueled by the gratitude they share with the families they support. 


If you’d like to show your support which could lead us to providing even more time to our families, then please visit our support page here to see how you can help.


In a world where time is precious, Mel and Tracie exemplify selflessness and dedication. Through their visits, they offer more than medical care – they provide a lifeline of love, companionship, and understanding. They illuminate the profound impact nurses can have on lives, proving that an act of kindness can spread hope far and wide.