Show Jessie May Some Love This Valentine's Day!

14th February, the international day to show how much you love those closest to you, which after everything that has happened in the last year is more important than ever.

But this year, why not show some love to others; like the terminally ill children across the South West supported by Jessie May Nurses.

There are a number of different ways that you can show your support for Jessie May this Valentine’s Day, which we’ve shared below;

Take on a ‘14 Challenge’

In honour of 14th February, why not take on a challenge all to do with the number 14? You could run or cycle 14 miles, bake 14 cakes over 14 days or read 14 books in 14 months.

Doesn’t sound like your cup of tea? Then why not tag 10 friends and ask them to each donate £14.

£1,375.85 will help to pay for one nurse who can support Jessie May children across the South West for a week.

You can make a donation right here on the website, below.

Play the Local Hospice Lottery

Join the lottery that gives you a chance to win great cash prizes every week PLUS an easy way to support Jessie May!

Playing the Local Hospice Lottery in support of Jessie May gives you a chance to win £2,000 every single week – along with 200 other cash prizes. PLUS, there’s a rollover that can reach as high as £25,000*! Players are also automatically entered into 3 Super Draws, which take place every March, September and December, with an additional guaranteed top prize of an incredible £10,000!

You Shop, Amazon gives with AmazonSmile

When you make a qualifying purchase at, Amazon makes a donation of the percentage of the purchase.

During 2020 AmazonSmile shoppers raised well over £1,000 for Jessie May through eligible AmazonSmile purchases, with our total just shy of £4,000 since we joined the site in March 2018.

Need a last-minute present for that special someone? You’ve still got time, when you buy a Prime qualified product – it can be delivered within 24 hours!

Don’t use Amazon – then you can make a donation in-kind right here on the website.

Follow us on social media

One of the easiest ways you can show us some love is by sending us a virtual <3

By sharing our stories, you can help us to spread the work that our Jessie May Nurses do farther and wider than we ever could on our own.

So please, head over to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and hit those like and share buttons!

Your continued support will make sure we can continue to care for our current families and new families in the future.

* The £1,000 prize can roll over to a maximum of £25,000 (excluding Super Draw weeks where the £1,000 prize will always remain £1,000)!