Sarah, Scott, Theo and Ollie

This is Theo and his family, before baby sister Phoebe was born. Twins Theo and Ollie were born in 2010 but Theo sadly died just 9 months later of a rare terminal condition. Jessie May Nurses were at the family’s side throughout his life, and continued to be there for the family to support them through their bereavement.

Since Theo’s funeral, parents Scott and Sarah wanted to honour Theo’s memory and so set up a Memory Fund, to ensure that Theo’s name, and people’s memories of him, are kept alive.

Over the last 10 years they have raised an amazing £50,000!

They have tirelessly organised annual walks, Theo’s Day (a family fundraising day), and this year they’ve had to adapt their fundraising thanks to COVID-19, and to make sure that Theo’s day doesn’t go unmarked they introduced ‘Ten for Theo’.

Throughout July, friends and family were invited to undertake a challenge around the theme of ’10’ – whether it be a 10k run, losing 10lbs, or like Theo’s Uncle, Tom, 10 Random Acts of Kindness.

Scott and Sarah want Ollie and Phoebe to always know and understand that Theo is their brother, and that one day they too may help to boost the money in Theo’s memory fund which will support the Jessie May Nurses who helped their family so much.

Scott and Sarah, we want to say a huge thank you from everyone at Jessie May and all of our families. We are beyond grateful and honoured by your unwavering support over the last 10 years.