Twins Theo and Ollie were born in 2010. Soon after he was born Theo was diagnosed with an extremely rare, terminal condition called ARC syndrome. Theo passed away at just 9 months old and throughout his life his whole family were supported by Jessie May Nurses.

After Theo’s funeral his parents Scott and Sarah wanted to ensure that Theo’s name and people’s memories of him are kept alive. Jessie May keeps a named memory fund in Theo’s name so that his parents can keep track of anyone who fundraises in memory of Theo.

Sarah explains, “While Theo was alive our lives were busy with appointments, calls and hospital visits. After he died we were surprised by how quiets things became. But the support of Jessie May Nurses remained constant and their Bereavement Support was vital to us.”

Theo’s parents have done an outstanding job to raise funds in his memory. They organise an annual sponsored 23 mile walk and the whole family gets involved in running ‘Theo’s Day’, a family fundraising day with games, bouncy castles and music.

What Theo’s parents find amazing is that total strangers who have heard about Theo’s story happily donate to his memory fund. By the time people leave the Theo’s Day event everyone is aware of the impact Theo had on his families’ life and how vital the support of Jessie May was to them.

As Ollie and his younger sister Phoebe grow up, Theo’s parents want them to know and understand that Theo is, and always will be their brother. One day they too may help to boost the money in Theo’s memory fund that will in turn support the Nurses who helped their family so much.

Theo, Mum, Dad and brother Ollie