Fanfares at the ready … it’s Children’s Hospice Week! The time of year where we shine a light on all things children’s palliative care and celebrate the incredible care our Jessie May nurses provide for children with life shortening conditions.

This year, we’d like to introduce you to some of our incredible nurses, and let them tell you, in their own words, why they do what they do for the children:

Jessie May nurse, Gemma, attending to little boy

“Very recently I supported a family whose child was at the end of their life. I knew the family so well; I was able to advocate for their wishes for their child which essentially was to be at home as a family spending as much time together as possible.

They could take their child into the garden to feel the sun on their face and hear the birds singing, or they could have a cuddle in bed, in their own pyjamas reading stories (in hospital the beds aren’t big enough for a parent to cuddle their child in bed).

The child had a big family, and if they were in hospital, they would not all have been able to visit. By being at home the child was able to see all their family and feel the love that they had for him.

If my role means that the child can die in the most comfortable way possible, in surroundings that they’re familiar with and people who they know and trust and love – then that’s why I do it. For the children.”

~ Gemma Warren, Jessie May nurse

“Arthur gets so excited when Andy visits, his face lights up! He beams a huge cheesy grin and starts to do a little “wiggle-dance” – doesn’t every child deserve to have the quality of life where they wiggle–dance?

When Arthur was in intensive care he was stressed and unhappy. He had lost all trust in the doctors and nurses because of all the procedures he’d had to have. Andy came and he lit up. The relationship that they have means that he trusts Andy – and Andy brings the fun!

Having a Jessie May nurse makes such a huge difference for Arthur when he must have hospital stays.”

~ Arthurs Mum, Melanie, talking about Jessie May nurse Andy Sweetman

If you’d like to make sure there’s more wiggle-dancing for children who are struggling with the endless hospital visits they must have, or more cuddles in bed for children coming to the end of their life then please consider donating today to keep Jessie May nurses in the homes #ForTheChildren.