It’s an incredibly challenging time at the moment, for everyone across the UK. We’re all feeling unsettled and uncertain with what we’re living through.

For Jessie May children and families, this uncertainty is something they’re all too familiar with. Social distancing and isolation are new terms for us to get used to, but for them it’s the norm. Your support to provide them with a Jessie May Nurse is something that helps them to get through this – a hand to hold when they need it most.

Trained, specialist Jessie May Nurses can also provide end of life support in the home to children and their families when they so desperately need it, as a time when there is already an unprecedented amount of pressure and demand on hospital services.

Unfortunately, with major events such as the London Marathon being postponed, money collections unable to take place, and hard-working volunteers now unable to hit the streets and spread the word in the community, funds to get these nurses into the homes of families who need them are significantly dropping.

You can be the lifeline these families need. Your support is already so greatly appreciated, but if you’re able to spare any extra pennies or pounds you really will be helping families to continue receiving the vital support they so desperately need.

Donate £30, £20, £10, whatever you can spare, to make sure our Nurses can continue to provide as much support as we can to our families and visit those most vulnerable during this time.

There are 3 ways you can donate:

You can send us a direct bank transfer:Donate here on the website:Or pop a cheque through the post addressed to:
CAF Bank
Sort Code: 40 52 40
Account Number: 00031294 May
35 Old School House
Kingswood Estate
Britannia Road
BS15 8DB

For all information head over to our website (, and follow us on social media to stay up to date with how our children and families are being supported.

Thank you so much for helping to keep Jessie May Nurses out on the roads at this difficult time. We couldn’t do it without you.