HappySelf Journal

With the United Kingdom gripped in a second national lockdown, mental wellbeing is at the forefront of the public’s mind. Journalling and the written word have long been known as a way of expressing emotion and working through thoughts and feelings, with one company making it their life mission.

Kent-based mental health business, HappySelf Journal, have spent the last 3 years dedicating each and every day to promote just this, developing a range of journaling options for children aged 6 and up.

Back in 2019, Jessie May were chosen amongst 9 other charities to receive a donation from their ‘Black Friday Charity Monday’ initiative – their alternative to Amazon’s ‘Cyber Monday’. From this day of sales alone, they were able to donate £120 to help Jessie May Nurses continue to support children and their families across the South West.

At the beginning of the year Creator of HappySelf, Francesca, got back in touch with Jessie May to announce that she wanted to make another generous donation. This time, in the form of journals themselves!

Earlier this month we received a considerably sizeable box containing 50 HappySelf Journals, of the 6-12 year old kind, to send out to Jessie May children and their siblings who felt they could benefit from one.

Creator of the Happy Shelf Journal, Francesca Greens shared why she felt it so important to donate her journals to Jessie May;

“Having opportunities to get our Journals into the hands of those children who need it most is very important to us at HappySelf. We are delighted to support Jessie May with our journals, so families in their care can use them to share and reflect on all they are going through. Jessie May has previously supported a family from our HappySelf community, and I couldn’t be prouder that we can in turn help them.”

Jessie May, Corporate Fundraiser, Lindsey Horton, couldn’t be more pleased by the donation;

Thank you Francesca and HappySelf for choosing to support Jessie May once again. This was such a positive way to start off a new year, especially after learning that we would be confined to our homes again in another lockdown! Whilst this year has been a learning curve for most of us, for our families staying at home is the every day norm. It is so beautiful that we can now offer our children, and any of their siblings, a way to write down and process what they might be feeling.”

Feel like your child could benefit from writing their feelings down? Head over to The HappySelf Journal website to browse their options and get your journals today!