…kind of.

World Snooker Tour will be supporting Jessie May with a range of online activities this Friday, November 27th!

It will be ‘Jessie May Day’ on their website and social media platforms, with video content and articles explaining to fans about the amazing work that Jessie May Nurses carry out every day.

And look out for more videos in the ‘Jessie May Speed Challenge’ series, already attempted by John Higgins, Neil Robertson and Kyren Wilson.

YOU can play your part by texting SNOOKER to 70490 to donate £5.

WST Chairman Barry Hearn said:

We are always amazed by the extraordinary work carried out by the Jessie May team which is so vital to children and their families. Their operation has become even more important during the challenging times we live in. It is so vital to support them with private funding otherwise everything they do is at risk. Everyone can help with a donation – no matter how small, it does make a difference.

Earlier this week, UK Championship title sponsor Betway announced that they will be donating money to Jessie May with every century break made during the tournament which runs from November 23rd to December 6th.

Every time a century is made, Betway will donate £10 plus a further £10 for every point scored over 100. For example, a break of 139 would mean £400 for Jessie May. The total donation will be up to £10,000.

In addition, if there is a 147 maximum break at any time during the tournament, the £10,000 donation will be triggered immediately.

Lindsey Horton, Corporate Partnerships Officer at Jessie May, said:

Christmas is coming and we’re often asked at Jessie May what is the best gift for the children on our caseload. All of our children are very vulnerable. The pandemic has also changed the way we support some of the families as they have chosen to remain in isolation to shield their children at this difficult time.

The one thing we can offer to those that want it is respite for parents giving them a few hours to themselves or time with siblings knowing that their poorly child is in the safe hands of one of our Nurses. The incredible donation from Betway will enable us to provide more support in the lead up to Christmas.…. which is priceless! From everyone at Jessie May – Thank you so much, you’re amazing!

Betway Spokesperson Chad Yeomans said:

We are delighted to continue to support this amazing cause. With another stellar line-up, we’re hoping to see century break after century break from the players who will no doubt be buoyed by our donation.