Jessie May relies on the generosity of you – our incredible supporters. Every penny raised makes a huge difference to our families, as you can see from our 6 examples below: 

£240 enables 6 bereavement telephone calls to be made with a dedicated Jessie May Nurse to help listen & support a mother or father following the death of a child.

£708 pays for 6 hours of care creating more smiles, play and rest for Jessie May families currently caring for a life limited child.

£1,380 ensures that 6 families can attend a future Jessie May family fun day to help try new activities and create more precious memories.

Just some of our incredible family fun days from over the years!

£3,500 helps pay for 6 months of wellbeing support for Jessie May Nurses. Providing care for terminally ill children and families is mentally challenging and Jessie May Nurses will need support to manage their own grief as they will have developed close bonds with the children and families they support.

£3,750 pays for 6 whole months of support for a family with specialist clinical, practical and emotional support from a Jessie May Nurse

£20,238 pays for 6 whole days of Jessie May for every family across our whole geographical area.

Every penny and every pound that you can spare goes a long, long way to helping our Jessie May Nurses support our families, and that support is needed now more than ever.

Donate £6 and nominate your 6 friends today, and help keep our Nurses in the hearts of our families homes.