Get Messy for Jessie was thought up by one of our nurses children – one day he said ‘Why don’t people get Messy for Jessie? It would be really cool’.

We agreed, and Get Messy for Jessie was born.

So we are asking you to get MESSY! Anything with mud, gunge or paint we want you to get creative and say YES to the MESS!

Inspiration can come from anywhere…

Children’s Books

Remember Horrid Henry or Mr Messy? Dress up and raise some money with your favourite messy Children’s book Characters. There’s even the book ‘Messy Jessy’ by Jayne Peters for inspiration!!

Book cover titled 'Messy Jessy' showing a little brunette-haired girl covered in mess
Table covered in all different plates and bowls of food from around the world
Food Glorious Food

Get messy in the school kitchen and host a world food day tasting party. We have Jessie May balloons you can use to brighten up the room!

The Great Outdoors

From puddle jumping, to tree climbing, to mud pie making, dirt really is good. Have a treasure hunt, or an outdoor play day with a £1 to enter – it will add up quickly and be loads of fun!