“Deeper than a charity, it’s a family”

Isla was born in October 2018 and spent much of her short life in hospital.

Isla’s family was introduced to Jessie May through their doctor. The nurses regularly visited Isla at the hospital and later at home, giving her parents a much-needed break while ensuring Isla’s safety and happiness.

 Jessie May went through the whole journey with Isla and her family and now following Isla’s death, Jessie May continues to be there for them via bereavement support and The Purple Group.

The Purple Group has become an important part of the bereavement journey for Isla’s parents Steve and Sarah. Steve explains that at first, he really wasn’t sure he wanted to go, in fact, Sarah didn’t tell Steve where they were going on the day of the first meeting.

Steve says he was determined he wasn’t going to speak, “I really didn’t want to go. When Sarah told me that we were at Purple Group and not at the church service I thought we were going to, I was certain I wouldn’t participate. Then I got a cup of coffee, relaxed, and started speaking – in fact, I’m not sure I stopped speaking.”

Steve explains how it feels to have this support from Jessie May “It’s about the whole family and Jessie May has become part of our family. They have allowed us to spend time together, talk, and get things off our chests. It’s been amazing for us.”

The Purple Group was founded by one of Jessie May’s bereaved Mums, and usually meet up to 5 times a year. There is no fixed agenda at these meetings, instead designed to be led by parents themselves, covering topics of their choosing. It is a safe space, in which families are able to share their inner thoughts and feelings amongst others in the same situation.  

Our Bereavement Team are made up of Helen Williams, Bereavement Team Leader, and Shirley Thomas, Bereavement Support. 

Like our service, the Bereavement Support our team offer is entirely free. You can help our Bereavement Team continue supporting families through the 5 years after the loss of their child, by donating today.