We’re excited to announce that Philippa Brownjohn, Jessie May’s founder, has returned as Honorary President. In a touching interview, Philippa recalls the moment that inspired our charity. While in Bristol with her daughter Jessica at Southmead Hospital, Philippa noticed a boy with a life threatening condition alone in his bed, his family unable to be there due to other commitments. This moved Philippa deeply, motivating her to ensure no child faces such loneliness. She envisioned a place where these children could be surrounded by love and comfort.

Philippa’s journey to founding Jessie May began with a nurse who shared her vision, identifying a gap in support for Bristol families. Starting with just one office, one phone, and a small team, Jessie May quickly grew. With your support, we continue to grow this beloved charity and help more children in need.

Learn more about Philippa’s inspiring journey and the history of Jessie May in the full interview below.

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