What will you do with your last working hour this year? 

Will you spend it tidying up your desk before your Christmas break?  Will you spend it wishing your colleagues a wonderful time with their families? Will you let it just pass you by, or could you spend it doing something wonderful! 

We are asking our incredible supporters to donate their last hours’ pay to Jessie May and collectively we can achieve something truly special. 

What is an hour? 60 minutes – you can spend that long chatting in the canteen, or finally, finally getting that order you’ve been chasing for months.  But an hour with a Jessie May nurse provides something amazing. 

Every child deserves the chance to play and have fun, including those with terminal and life-limiting conditions. Respite visits give children a chance to play and interact as well as giving parents a much-needed break. Along with medical care, a visit from a Jessie May nurse provides smiles all round! 

Finley and his sister, Charlotte

Annaleise, who is up through the night to care for her
son Finley, says:
“I couldn’t cope without Jessie May. They provide expert care, and they give us the security that Finley is being so well cared for. Jessie May come in for a couple of hours and this enables me to leave Finley and sleep or spend time with his siblings…” 

Jessie May nurses provide a light during the darkest of times. They help families plan for the death of their child and provide bereavement support for up to five-years afterwards. 

“The support from Jessie May has been priceless. They helped James’s siblings, and us as parents, to understand and deal with his death…and helped me to try to move forward in life without James in my world… [they have] helped me through some of the toughest times of my life.” – Donna, James’ Mum

If parents wish it, we will help them keep their child at home during the end of their life, by providing highly intensive, specialist care. We also help families plan for end of life, so that they’ve had a chance to think about what they want, including which medical interventions should or shouldn’t be used in the lead up to their child’s death. 

We provide support and encouragement to families, including helping with concerns or questions about their child’s condition or care. Since the pandemic, we’ve adapted the way we work so that we can support families we’re unable to visit; and we make support calls to ensure families are coping and video chats to keep in touch with children. This means a child can have some outside stimulation and have the continuity of still seeing their Jessie May nurse, even if they are being shielded.

It cost £65 an hour to fund a Jessie May nurse, but if we all join together just imagine how many hours we can fund.

What an amazing way to spend
your last hour.